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Eliana’s Garden is a husband and wife team passionate about the natural world. On our forest farm, we work WITH nature instead of against it to cultivate and responsibly wild-craft medicinal herbs, gourmet edibles, and natural products to nourish your life.
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‘Faux’ Crab Cakes (w/Lion’s Mane Mushroom)

Anyone who knows us personally knows that Lion’s Mane is our absolute favorite mushroom. We eat it in plenty when it is in season, we sell it, we grow it, we forage it, we take it in tincture form, and we crave it when it’s not around….we seriously love this mushroom!!! Season is coming to … Continue reading ‘Faux’ Crab Cakes (w/Lion’s Mane Mushroom)

Gingseng planting: Farm the forest floor

Planting season is upon us as plants begin to senesce for winter slumber ahead. In their natural wild state during this is the time of year, ginseng plants are dropping their berry clusters and begining to draw back underground. Unfortunately, this amazing wild medicinal is becoming very threatened in the wild. Over harvesting and irresponsible … Continue reading Gingseng planting: Farm the forest floor

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