Our FAVORITE Mushroom: Lion’s Mane (with wild harvest video!)

Our FAVORITE mushroom--Lion's Mane.

Gingseng planting: Farm the forest floor

Planting season is upon us as plants begin to senesce for winter slumber ahead. In their natural wild state during this is the time of year, ginseng plants are dropping their berry clusters and begining to draw back underground. Unfortunately, this amazing wild medicinal is becoming very threatened in the wild. Over harvesting and irresponsible … Continue reading Gingseng planting: Farm the forest floor

Pickled Chicken of the Woods

Preserve your wild mushrooms with this tangy sweet pickled wild mushroom recipe

Garlicky Chanti’s

Everyone loves garlic and everyone who enjoys wild mushrooms loves chanterelles. Playing with chanterelles in the kitchen over the past few years I have come to love elephant garlic with mushrooms. Although I'm a HUGE fan of extreme garlic flavor I find that most garlics are just too strong for delicate mushroom flavor, ineveitably dominating … Continue reading Garlicky Chanti’s

Summer Citrus Chanterelle Pasta

Oh the bounty from the woods has been so beautiful the past few weeks! Every summer I find myself scouring the internet for new recipes to take advantage of garden and forest foods. Inevitably I find myself just creating my own recipes. Sometimes they get trashed or composted (sometimes it sounds better in my mind … Continue reading Summer Citrus Chanterelle Pasta

Chanterelle smothered Wild Salmon

If you happen have a yummy chanterelle harvest on hand and are looking for a new recipe give this one a whirl! Easy, quick, and with simple ingredients.  Check back in a few days and I'll have another one for you. Here's what you'll need... 1-2 lbs fresh chanterelle or other edible wild mushroom few … Continue reading Chanterelle smothered Wild Salmon

Golden & Smooth Chanterelle Hunting

Tis the season of fun forest findings!! The genus Cantharellus, named for the Greek kantharos, meaning cup, is a mushroom found growing wild throughout the world. Many have tried to cultivate this mycorrhizal fungi but have failed, the complex symbiotic relationship they have with host plants cannot be recreated and is not fully understood, so the … Continue reading Golden & Smooth Chanterelle Hunting

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