Pickled Chicken of the Woods

Preserve your wild mushrooms with this tangy sweet pickled wild mushroom recipe

Golden & Smooth Chanterelle Hunting

Tis the season of fun forest findings!! The genus Cantharellus, named for the Greek kantharos, meaning cup, is a mushroom found growing wild throughout the world. Many have tried to cultivate this mycorrhizal fungi but have failed, the complex symbiotic relationship they have with host plants cannot be recreated and is not fully understood, so the … Continue reading Golden & Smooth Chanterelle Hunting

Chris Kale

I'm not trying to hop on the krazy kale kick here but this is seriously good...and good for you. And sooo easy to make. It takes all of 5 minutes and is a great side dish any time of year. If you're not into drinking your kale. Give this a try and rethink kale. The health … Continue reading Chris Kale

Mudroom bench aka boot bench!

My talented husband had four entire days off from work for New Year's (gasp). Since Isaiah has been born his 'honey do list' is a mile long as I am getting into the hang of things here. I have been working him on nearly every day off he has had...So, I encouraged him to spend … Continue reading Mudroom bench aka boot bench!

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