Our FAVORITE Mushroom: Lion’s Mane (with wild harvest video!)

Our FAVORITE mushroom--Lion's Mane.

Wild Garlic & Swiss Puff Pastry

Wild Garlic is one of the most versatile 'weeds' to be enjoyed. You can substitute any recipe calling for onions or garlic for these yummy little things. I recently decided to come up with this deliciously light side to enjoy with purple-deadnettle & venison soup. Great combo!! The airy nature of puff pastry paired with the … Continue reading Wild Garlic & Swiss Puff Pastry

Pickled Chicken of the Woods

Preserve your wild mushrooms with this tangy sweet pickled wild mushroom recipe

Garlicky Chanti’s

Everyone loves garlic and everyone who enjoys wild mushrooms loves chanterelles. Playing with chanterelles in the kitchen over the past few years I have come to love elephant garlic with mushrooms. Although I'm a HUGE fan of extreme garlic flavor I find that most garlics are just too strong for delicate mushroom flavor, ineveitably dominating … Continue reading Garlicky Chanti’s

Summer Citrus Chanterelle Pasta

Oh the bounty from the woods has been so beautiful the past few weeks! Every summer I find myself scouring the internet for new recipes to take advantage of garden and forest foods. Inevitably I find myself just creating my own recipes. Sometimes they get trashed or composted (sometimes it sounds better in my mind … Continue reading Summer Citrus Chanterelle Pasta

Chanterelle smothered Wild Salmon

If you happen have a yummy chanterelle harvest on hand and are looking for a new recipe give this one a whirl! Easy, quick, and with simple ingredients.  Check back in a few days and I'll have another one for you. Here's what you'll need... 1-2 lbs fresh chanterelle or other edible wild mushroom few … Continue reading Chanterelle smothered Wild Salmon

Chris Kale

I'm not trying to hop on the krazy kale kick here but this is seriously good...and good for you. And sooo easy to make. It takes all of 5 minutes and is a great side dish any time of year. If you're not into drinking your kale. Give this a try and rethink kale. The health … Continue reading Chris Kale

Leftover venison shoulder roast queso’s

Leftovers are where it's at! If you cook bulkier items like we do and try to eat as seasonally as possible, chances are you regularly have leftovers. If not, I highly recommend bulking up on a few of your nightly meals to aid in quick dinner fixes later on. This evening we had a hunk … Continue reading Leftover venison shoulder roast queso’s

Venison Shoulder

We eat a lot of deer meat around here and we don't process it all into ground meat like a lot of people do. We enjoy the individual cuts and the unique versatility that they each offer to our dinner plate. This night was shoulder roast. I typically do these tougher cuts of meat in … Continue reading Venison Shoulder

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