Summer Citrus Chanterelle Pasta

Oh the bounty from the woods has been so beautiful the past few weeks! Every summer I find myself scouring the internet for new recipes to take advantage of garden and forest foods. Inevitably I find myself just creating my own recipes. Sometimes they get trashed or composted (sometimes it sounds better in my mind than it actually tastes) and then there’s creations like this one that turn out bangin and even the kids ask for more.

Here’s what you need…

1-2 lbs chanterelle mushrooms (or other wild edible mushroom)

2-4 zucchini squash (sliced)

1 small onion (diced)

2 cloves garlic (minced or pressed)

2 tablespoons butter

1 cup heavy cream

half of a lemon

few pinches of tarragon (dried or fresh)

tablespoon of parsley (dried or fresh)

salt & pepper to taste

cooked noodles of your choice

First, clean those shrooms. As always, make sure you KNOW what you are eating…just cause it’s orange doesn’t mean it’s a chanti, be safe folks. Place your fresh and clean mushroom on a paper towel to dry out some while you are getting everything else ready. Go ahead and put the water for your noodles on to boil too.


Slice your zuccinni.


Melt your butter in a hot pan. Sautee your zuccinni, onion, and garlic until slightly tender.


Chop your chanti’s roughly. Don’t forget to cook those noodles.


Sautee those bad boys up…you house should be smelling pretty good right about now. Add in your tarragon, parsely, lemon, salt and pepper to season.


Add the sauteed chanterelles to the zucchini onion mixture.

Squeeze the juice from half of a lemon into the mixture. Zest as well for an extra citrus punch.


Once everything is tender (just a few minutes) add the cream slowly to the mixture.

When the noodles are al dente toss them into the pan with everything else. Mix it up good and gooey and plate that yumm up. Serve!


Did you like this recipe? Did you try it? Did you change anything? Leave us a comment and let us know! Check back soon for another yummy chanti season recipe coming up.

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