Chris Kale

DSC_2287I’m not trying to hop on the krazy kale kick here but this is seriously good…and good for you. And sooo easy to make. It takes all of 5 minutes and is a great side dish any time of year. If you’re not into drinking your kale. Give this a try and rethink kale.

The health benefits of kale are well documented. Just do a quick google and you’ll understand why it is considered a superfood.

I call this Chris Kale because it was my cousin, Chris, who introduced me to the concept of allowing the acid juices of lemon/lime to wilt kale to scrumptious delight. Thanks Chris. 🙂

This is a really loose recipe…have fun with it and don’t expect exact amounts out of me. My tastes may not be the same as yours. Experiment with other additions to your liking too.

Start out with a fair amount of fresh, raw kale. Tear it up into little pieces. Mine are extra little due to a toddler mouth that will consume large quantities of this….hopefully.


Drizzle a little olive oil over it…maybe a tablespoon worth…just drizzle and toss it together.

Use a half a lime…or a whole lime…or a cap full of lime juice….or a different juice….or add a drop of lime essential oil to your olive oil. I used lime juice.


Add in a handful of almond slivers and a handful of raisins. Toss together and let it sit for a bit while you pull the rest of your meal together…all those yummy flavors mingle and the acid from the juice softens the kale.



Great a a side, a snack, or grill some salmon and put it on top. Yummmm….okay. time to eat!

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