Leftover venison shoulder roast queso’s

Venison Queso's

Leftovers are where it’s at! If you cook bulkier items like we do and try to eat as seasonally as possible, chances are you regularly have leftovers. If not, I highly recommend bulking up on a few of your nightly meals to aid in quick dinner fixes later on. This evening we had a hunk of leftover venison should I had slow cooked in the crock pot a few days earlier. It had a hint of cumin flavor so, naturally, I thought it would lend itself nicely to a Mexicany dish.

deer, mushrooms, onions, garlic & spinach

As many of you know, I exclusively breastfeed my 3.5 month old son. He has a dairy sensitivity which has limited my consumption of goodness such as cheese for quite some time now…well, just three months but it does seem like it’s been forever. In the heart of science, I decided it was time to test the tummy with some cheese. Queso’s it was. I’ve been eyeing this Seriously Sharp white cheddar cheese that I buy each week for my sweet husband’s consumption. As I was grating it for the tortillas I snuck a bite, ohhhh oh good it was. Like Christmas morning good. One block grated later and I’m ready to get rollin’ on another yummy, frugal and healthy dinner.

I sliced and sautéed one medium sweet onion with a handful of mushrooms and a clove of crushed garlic until just tender. I added the pulled leftover roast meat and allowed it to heat with the vegi’s for a moment before tossing in a oversized handful of fresh spinach. After the spinach is wilted and everything is hot it’s time to assemble.

Between two small flour tortillas I added the mixture and enough cheese to do the trick. With a little coconut oil in the hot pan, the pre-gooey queso’s were placed until the cheese was melted and the tortillas golden and crispy. Topped with the ever present avocado and some salsa. Another 15 minute meal ready to go down the hatch.


This was two days ago and I am ever so pleased to report that there has been a significant change in my wee little ones reaction to dairy. Just barely a hint of tummy issues, barely so to where I don’t know if that is even what I was seeing. SO, a big two thumbs up for reintroducing dairy. I’m still not ready to risk that tub of ice cream just yet but I’m going to give a ‘go’ on the cheese a little more often… 😉 ….as long as the boy does okay…he still is placed far above the desire for cheese.

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