Venison Shoulder

shoulder sliced

We eat a lot of deer meat around here and we don’t process it all into ground meat like a lot of people do. We enjoy the individual cuts and the unique versatility that they each offer to our dinner plate. This night was shoulder roast. I typically do these tougher cuts of meat in the crockpot for a easy, affordable and incredibly yummy meal. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the finished product (it was time to eat and I was hungry) but here is a little tidbit for you on the process.

should joint seperated


Shoulders are large cuts of meat and unless you feel like taking the time to cut off the meat you have a hunkabone in meat that doesn’t exactly fit in very many cooking dishes/devices, aka my crock pot. I have two crocks and the largest still won’t hold all of a shoulder. The best method I have found for getting it to quickly fit into it is by cutting into the shoulder joint to allow for a full fold.


First you need to find the joint. Start by rubbing your hand firmly around the around the bending area. Through all the flesh you will feel a few knobs. Start cutting on the interior of the folding joint with a sharp knife until you reach that area. Hold the shoulder open so you can see the joint. You should be able to see where the two bones connect. Work your knife around the joint until you feel the cartilage separate then simply snap it back and walah, it’ll fit.

This was roughly a 4-5 lb shoulder roast. I cooked it on high heat in the crock for about 6 hours and put it on low till we were ready to eat. Seasoned with cumin, fresh cracked pepper, garlic, ground cayenne and molasses…served with a lil’ bbq sauce with more meals to come from it. Let me know if you have any questions about this process or how to cook venison.

it fits!

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