B.E.S. Breakfast Sandwich

Bacon Egg Spinach Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
Bacon Egg Spinach Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Everyone has had the classic breakfast bacon egg n cheese biscuit or sandwich and nearly everyone loves them. Why not take something you already love and make it better? Why mess with a good thing you ask? Well to add a punch of extra nutrition of course! Why not if you can’t taste the difference? I have scrambling spinach in with eggs for many, many years now and don’t think twice about it being weird. A few mornings ago it dawned on me that most people don’t do this, and given how yummy and nutritious it is it is indeed blog worthy. So good morning and merry breakfast. Enjoy!

5 fresh eggs
1 small clove garlic minced
Few handfulls of spinach
4 strips bacon
Salt/pepper to taste
4 slices hearty bread
Good cheese (if you do so desire)

Fresh eggs from our ladies
Fresh eggs from our ladies

Step one: rob chickens if you have not already done so. Break open eggs into a bowl and scramble/ beat. add garlic, salt and pepper and set aside. (Many people like to add milk to make them fluffy or cream cheese to make them rich, but no dairy here so we are just rolling with the lovely eggs our ladies made for us.) Heat your skillet and fry bacon until it is good and crispy. Remove bacon and set aside. Pour out most of the bacon grease leaving enough to cook eggs in. (Many people leave all the grease to cook in but that makes a naturally healthy breakfast turn laden with saturated fat so go ahead and pour most of that stuff out…no worries, you’ll still get that yummy flavor you crave.) Pour egg mixture into pan. grab a few handfulls of fresh spinach and toss it in.

add a few handfulls of spinach
add a few handfulls of spinach

Mix well as you Scramble eggs to desired consistency. The spinach will wilt down making your eggs quite pretty and packing it with extra nutrition. Add mayo and/mustard to sandwich bread if you wish. When we don’t have fresh homemade bread on hand I use Arnold’s Healthnut bread which has wonderful sweet flavor with a little soft crunch to it and is light for how hearty it is. Put eggs on bread, crumble two slices bacon on it and grate a good cheese on it (as my hubs did in the picture). During summer we usuallyadd a slice of fresh tomato to it as well (oh how I long for our maters!!) Add a piece of fruit to balance it all out and enjoy the sunrise while fueling up for the day.

Check back later! Next recipe will feature chicken pad Thai crockpot style! AND there will also be scrumptious raisin bars coming up shortly.

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