Chili with cornbread *waffles* & avocado

Chili w/cornbread & avocado
Chili w/cornbread & avocado

Last night was one of the many leftover nights we have. Leftovers usually end up being lunch for Jeremy or both of us the next day unless there is a bunch then it may end up another dinner…or if there’s not much leftover then just part of another meal in some form or fashion. However, last night was perfect for leftover chili from the night before. Last week while playing on Pinterest, while feeding Isaiah, I came across this recipe that used cornbread waffles with chili which I thought was pretty neat . In an effort to make it not feel like leftovers I decided to give this idea a try and broke out the waffle iron. I was feeling a little lazy last night and to be honest, I just really like the taste…reluctantly I admit to breaking out a box of jiffy corn muffin mix. I know, I know I’m a hippocrit…but what can I say, I’ve tried many recipes for cornbread and just haven’t found one I really like. Feel free to share if you have a good cornbread recipe! I like it sweet or spicy! Again, I was feeling a little lazy so I didn’t kick up the cornbread. Instead of using cows milk I used almond milk. In the waffle iron it went. Unfortunately when it came time for it to come out I was rather disappointed, as It turned into a mess. I tried again, thinking I had perhaps not let it cook long enough, with the same result. But hey, it was still cornbread so on the plate it went.

Now, the other night when I made chili it was not a planned thing…as many of our meals aren’t. So I just used what I had on hand that seemed appropriate. With no kidney beans the chili looked different but still taste excellent. I normally top my chili with lots of cheese and sour cream (Jeremy still opted for a good sharp cheddar) but since I can’t go there at the moment I found a new favorite with chopped avocado (you’ll learn I am an avocado freak) and chowd down. We both cleaned our massive plates while it was actually still hot. I may play more with the waffle concept, but I think there should be more binder to help it hold together…we’ll see.

Now, with the chili I must warn you that the spices are estimates. I’m a free pourer and taster as I cook….perhaps I should start measuring. Regardless, season to taste, this is more of an estimated guide to my taste..your may be different. 🙂 warming, healthy meal on a cold evening. Oh, and this could easily be turned into a vegetarian friendly meal by simply omitting the meat. Enjoy!!

2 lbs ground meat (I used venison here, but I think chicken or beef or even sausage would work)
2 medium onions diced
1 can green chili
2 can white beans
1 can black bean
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can cream corn
Tablespoon cumin
1/4 tsp ground red cayenne
5 turns of black pepper
1 tsp kosher salt
5 garlic cloves pressed/minced

Begin cooking meat in pot. Half way through add onion and garlic. Cook till meat is done. Add spices. Wait a minute. Add beans and tomatoes. Simmer. Dance with spouse. Add cream corn (can reserve some for cornbread if you choose). Taste, add additional spice to desired heat. Simmer till desired thickness. Serve atop cornbread type item. Top with diced avocado. Add a good cheese if you wish too. Enjoy!!

8 thoughts on “Chili with cornbread *waffles* & avocado

  1. Sounds soooo good! But one thing I really thought was interesting is that I have never heard of using cream corn in chili. That’s a new one to me. Does it make the chili taste somewhat sweet or creamy? Sounds good! Can’t wait to try this sometime and I will let you know when I do! 🙂


    1. Please do! This is actually the first time I ever used cream corn in my chili. I usually use cut corn but didn’t have any, lol. I just grab whatever and see if it works and it did! It doesn’t make it creamy or sweet but seems to help balance out the spice and every now and then you get a bite of sweetness. With the cut corn in it I usually have less indigestion afterwards and it balances out the spice nicely. I hope you like it! Do come back and let me know!


  2. Totally in love with avocado. Where I was raised, you could go out and pick one in the front yard. So avocados? Not only delicious and certainly addictive, but just one of my five most favorite foods in the world! If you add more flour to your Jiffy it will most likely not stick. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. I need to try this and chili was on my list of suppers to make next week! Yay! Love the blog, by the way.


    1. Thanks Michelle! I am having fun with it so far and will do it till its not I reckon. 😉 I’m so jealous about the avocado trees! If I could grow avocado and mango I’d be set! Let me know how you like it if you try it.


  3. Lol, you and Josh cook the same way, he can look at what we have and in 3 minutes have an amazing meal cooking! I love your idea with using the avocado for a chili topper. I LOVE avocado, I’m mean almost to the point of addiction if that’s possible!


    1. Lol, maybe it’s a family thing. 😉 Mcgiver of the kitchen. Lol I’m a avocado freak and could eat it with just about anything! I recently tried chocolate avocado pudding and it was fabulous! Looking forward to sharing that one soon…means I get to make it again. 😉


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