Crockpot Pad Thai

Like Thai food? I do. Perhaps more than most, but I just like good food any way you give it to me. I had never made pad Thai before have had a hankering for a while now for it. Now, for those if you who have never had it and like peanut simply must … Continue reading Crockpot Pad Thai

Raisin Bars

I come from health nut parents. You may even be able to go as far as to call them hippies, especially when I was a child. Many people don't really understand why I am so weird about refined sugar, bleached flour and the likes but I get it honest-I was raised not to be a … Continue reading Raisin Bars

B.E.S. Breakfast Sandwich

Everyone has had the classic breakfast bacon egg n cheese biscuit or sandwich and nearly everyone loves them. Why not take something you already love and make it better? Why mess with a good thing you ask? Well to add a punch of extra nutrition of course! Why not if you can't taste the difference? … Continue reading B.E.S. Breakfast Sandwich

Chili with cornbread *waffles* & avocado

Last night was one of the many leftover nights we have. Leftovers usually end up being lunch for Jeremy or both of us the next day unless there is a bunch then it may end up another dinner...or if there's not much leftover then just part of another meal in some form or fashion. However, … Continue reading Chili with cornbread *waffles* & avocado

Mudroom bench aka boot bench!

My talented husband had four entire days off from work for New Year's (gasp). Since Isaiah has been born his 'honey do list' is a mile long as I am getting into the hang of things here. I have been working him on nearly every day off he has had...So, I encouraged him to spend … Continue reading Mudroom bench aka boot bench!

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